5stream makes it easy to automate your live stream workflow

Automatic Live Streaming

5stream gives you the ability to offer high definition automatic live streaming and automate your live stream workflow – making it easy for your organisation to deliver professional live broadcasts.

We understand that many organisations do not have the in-house expertise to confidently run live video streams. We also understand that many organisations need to regularly deliver information from the same venue, often at the same time each day. Our proprietary automation software is integrated directly with the web-based 5stream Dashboard, making it simple for anyone in your organisation to schedule an automatic live stream.

5stream’s on-location, automatic live streaming solutions make it easy start, stop, record and distribute live streams over both your internal network as well as out to viewers connected over the regular internet.

Our automation software enables you to run headless encoders within your venue – and allows any of your staff to manage streams. Coupled with 5stream’s remote access support, you can rest assured that your stream will be backed by a team of experts.

5stream’s Platform allows for millions of concurrent viewers to connect to your stream in High Definition – with multi-bitrate options for viewers on slow internet connections. We also offer the ability to send your automated stream with a Pay-Per-View amount – or with advanced security features such as passwords and domain locking.

Contact us for more information on 5stream’s automatic live streaming solutions.

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