5Stream Sports Live Stream

We can Live Stream your Sports game. Find out more today.

5stream are experts at live streaming sports events

Our team of experienced professionals can take your event live to the world, on our custom-built live streaming platform. Designed with the particular needs of live streaming sport in mind, 5stream support specialist features including Pay Per View, Sydnication, Geo-Blocking and advanced social media integration.

5stream provide everything required to broadcast your game in high definition. Cameras, camera operators, microphones, video switching equipment and advanced live broadcasting hardware. 5stream live broadcast with hardware that combines multiple network connections, to make sure the live stream keeps running at high quality, even without a fixed network connection. 5stream send your live stream to streaming servers and a content delivery network – meaning that potentially millions of people could watch the event.

How it works

5stream will check your exact requirements before coming up with a streaming plan. We work with you to determine the right amount of cameras and camera operators for your event. We also discuss options including Pay Per View, Geo-Blocking and website integration. Depending on your requirements, 5stream can easily deliver a live broadcast into your existing website – or to a customized 5stream event page.

5stream can also include Twitter, Facebook and Live Chat integration – so that viewers from all over the world can discuss the event as it happens.

5stream assist in conducting venue inspections, to ensure that there is enough available bandwidth to deliver high quality live streaming.

On the day

5stream generally set up at least 2 hours prior to the commencement of your event. We will set up a camera – or cameras and video switching equipment – in suitable locations as discussed with you. Our experienced professionals can also provide microphones for commentators – or take a feed from an existing PA system.

The live stream will run at a 30-45 second delay, depending on where your viewers are watching from. 5stream is able to insert video ads as well as run watermarks and titles throughout the course of the live stream.


5stream can continue hosting a recorded copy of your sports game – which will generally be available within an hour or so of the stream finishing. This can be sold at the same – or different – PPV price, or included within the live stream purchase. 5stream also records full HD footage to cameras, and can create a fully post produced version of your game – or give you the raw files.

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