5stream offers a world class live streaming platform, allowing you to broadcast live HD video to all devices


5stream offers a world class live streaming platform, allowing you to broadcast live HD video to all devices

We enable the seamless delivery of live video, on-demand video, interactive videos to potentially millions of concurrent viewers – complete with PPV and password protection options screens-berlin-web

5stream’s custom streaming solutions consist of:

  • Web-based management Dashboard
  • Live Streaming
  • Integrated Multibitrate Delivery
  • Streaming CDN Data (Akamai, Cloudfront, Meta-CDN and Edgecast)
  • Detailed Analytics
  • On-Demand Video Delivery
  • Video Downloads
  • Failover CDNs for Live Streams
  • Failover Entrypoints for Live Streams
  • Dedicated Streaming Servers
  • Server-side Multibitrate Transcoding of Live Streams
  • Server-side Recording of Live Streams; ready for on-demand distribution
  • Pay Per View
  • Password Protection
  • Domain Locking
  • Automated Live Streaming Software
  • Internal Streaming Servers (streaming over your local network)

5stream’s tailored Live and On-Demand webstreaming solutions are built with the following components:

Akamai Content Delivery Network

akamai 5stream delivers Live and On Demand video content over Akamai’s Content Delivery Network. The Akamai CDN’s expansive reach, spanning 140,000 servers in over 87 countries, provides a superior platform that is responsible for between 15 and 30 percent of all Internet traffic, worldwide.

Dedicated Streaming Servers

wowza 5stream runs with multiple Video Streaming Servers – from open source RTMP integrations to well known names such as Adobe Media Server and Wowza Streaming Engine. Our servers are robust, customizable, and scalable – running server software that powers reliable streaming of high-quality video and audio.

Amazon Web Services

amazon 5stream servers are hosted within Amazon Web Services. While video is delivered over Akamai’s CDN, it is important to make sure that origin servers are scalable and defensible, and that all data is stored in a durable and robust environment. 5stream makes full use of Amazon Web Service’s advanced failover, load balancing and disaster recovery environments.


paypal 5stream integrates PayPal’s payment process directly inside the video player and eCommerce microsites. This means your viewers and customers can purchase access to your videos within the familiar PayPal environment without ever leaving the video. 5stream makes use of PayPal’s APIs to send your earnings directly into your own PayPal account – giving you full details about your customers.
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